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If you’re a cannabis user who tends to experience paranoia or anxiety when using regular vape cartridges, then the good news is that the push vape cart is perfect for you! This is because when using a push carts vape, you’ll find that the high is more soothing and relaxing. In fact, those who use this product regularly report feeling a lot more clear-headed and focused when compared to using  other vape cartridges.The process involved in vaping is a little more complex.

What are push carts

Firstly, The P.U.S.H. Product was established March 2020, and the company was able to raise very high up in the industry very quickly due to the high quality of their products. Secondly, The P.U.S.H.  brand strives to bring consumers exactly what they are searching for with their unique tasting products which has really set them apart. Also, The P.U.S.H. Menu was also hand picked by experienced connoisseurs creating a master piece of the most popular strains in the industry. Push disposables are always available here.

push carts  flavors

The PUSH brand has a umber of carts flavors which as explained above, was handpicked by some of the best connoisseurs. The available flavors include;

  • Purple Indica
  • Blue dream
  • strawberry cough
  • Skywalker og
  • Marathon og
  • LA Confidential
  • King louis og
  • fire og
  • Gelato

push carts vape

All the above flavors are available for push vapes here at our shop. So you have a variety to choose from. Specify flavors immediately after placing order and contact us for more information on push carts, pricing, payment options, shipping and any other inquiries you may have. Our customer service team will always be on hand to respond to you as Soon as possible .push carts vape 1100mg

push vape carts


Purple Indica, Blue dream, strawberry cough, Skywalker og, Marathon og, LA Confidential, King louis og, fire og, Gelato


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