Puffins Disposables


Top Class Exotic Bar – TF Disposable Vape
From Top Class E-Liquids comes an assortment of dispensable vapes with 5% nicotine – got totally from protected and tried lab-made sans tobacco nicotine. Appreciate up to 300 puffs of any (or all!) of these awesome flavors!

Harsh Apple Ice: Sour treats apple with a last little detail of cool menthol.

Strawnana: Creamy banana and stout strawberries, very much like the exemplary smoothie flavor.

Peach Ice: Sweet succulent peaches with a thick menthol breathe out.

Mango: Tropical new mango flavor.

Pina Colada: Ripe pineapples and sweet coconut consolidated into the exemplary tropical beverage, with an invigorating menthol breathe out.

Blue Raspberry: Tart and tart blue raspberry e-fluid flavor.

Grape: Juicy sweets grape e-juice.

Kiberry Yogurt: Strawberry kiwi on a smooth custard base.

Rich Ice: Candied watermelon flavor with a new menthol finish.

Banana Ice: Sweet sweetened bananas with an impact of mint.


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