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The JUUL Vaporizer is possibly the best e-juice vaporizer and one of the very few to deliver a satisfying alternative to cigarettes.
Developed by the same company behind the famous PAX herbal vaporizer, the JUUL is a pod-style vaporizer that can use only e-juice and pods (or tank) created by the company.

The JUUL is very slim, light, discreet and easy to use; no physical buttons and only one single LED light. The vaporizer is composed of two parts, the JUUL rechargeable battery and the pod containing the nicotine-enriched juice.
The battery contains an accelerometer that turns off when you’re not using the vaporizer and it charges through a little cradle charger that plugs into any USB port.

When compared to other similar vaporizers available on the market, the device delivers the strongest nicotine hit and together with temperature-regulated vapor technology, it can replicates the cigarette’s taste and sensation by using salts found in natural tobacco leaves for its closed pods. Each JUUL Pod contains 0.7ml of liquid at a 5% concentration which equates to 41.3mg of nicotine per pod.

Note: Please do not assume that vaporizers are healthier than cigarettes. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.


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